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About us

Making a living while making a difference. 
LegalShield's mark in the industry is obvious. The company adds, on average, 10,000 new members each month and Our Servant CEO Jeff Bell expects the company's growth rate to increase by 10-20 percent each year over the next five years. The company's exponential growth is a benefit, but not the focus. "Mr. Stonecipher did not set out to start a business when he began to build LegalShield, " Bell says. "He found himself financially unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from an auto accident that was not his fault. From that day forward, he was determined to make sure everyone had access to legal protection."
   In the process, an impressive business opportunity was born. Members enjoy direct access to specialized legal experts, but they can also build their own small business by sharing the service with their friends, family, and neighbors. "we provide leading and reliable products that fulfil consumer's needs," Bell says. " There is a strong market for our services and we are unique in the direct selling space. THERE IS NO OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE THAT DO WHAT WE DO. 
    This opportunity is driven by the sharing economy, where collective purchasing power makes what was once outrageously expensive now affordable. An entire community o members make small individual contributions, allowing everyone access to quality legal representation. Outside of the LegalShiel umbrella of opportunity, the same passionate, dedicated and talented legal representation would be well beyond the financial reach of most of its members. Through their shared need for legal access for only $20 a month, "Bell says, "But when you multiply that $20 by 1.6 million members, it adds up and allows us to retain some of the best lawyers in the business for our members."


    Those members are important and the company's leadership goes the extra mile to make sure they feel supported. "We have invested heavily in our training and resources for ASSOCIATES," Bell says. "We recently bolstered our recognition program, and of course, we have one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry. We are passionate about helping our Associates be successful."  Members who have experienced firsthand the necessity and practicality of what LegalShield offers can't help but share it with people they care about. In doing so, they launch their own business venture and begin to build an additional stream of income with very little upfront investment. That influx of cash can be life-changing for many families. An extra $200, $500 or potentially THOUSANDS of dollars of extra income each month can allow drastic lifestyle improvements, simply for sharing an opportunity they care about. With LegalShield, members get to make a difference while making a living. It's a result that beautifully echoes the vision Harland Stonecipher cast more than four decades ago.
   "We have more than 45 years of experience in the sharing economy to allow all citizens to live freely under the law,"  Bell says. "  IT IS WHAT WE STILL DO TODAY.   WE PROTECT   PEOPLE'